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Today, more than ever, organizations strive to align leadership talent with organizational business goals. In today’s competitive marketplace, it is critical to enhance leadership skills with innovative approaches. The Wright Resource Group does this through practical, non-traditional “innovation based workshops”. Our clients turn to WRG as a trusted resource for professional development, and leverage our extensive experience to educate and empower dynamic leaders. Our cutting edge approach gives us the competitive advantage that is essential for today’s leaders.

WRG offers unique customization of leadership training programs to meet your specific needs. These customizations include innovative, ‘out-of-the-classroom’ development strategies that engage all learning styles, focus on individual accountability, and create action plans that participants take beyond the classroom to use as guidance as they strive to achieve desired results.

WRG collaborates with our clients to complete thorough, extensive assessments and detailed analyses in order to effectively customize solutions and execute programs. We provide extensive follow through sessions to ensure this transfer of knowledge and that our client’s meet their objectives.

Our products are practical, yet distinct in nature of content, and span from essential business needs to complex leadership challenges that today’s leaders face in a global, ever-changing environment. Our innovative approach incorporates subject matter that promotes both professional and personal leadership growth and development.

Purposeful Leadership Academy
Leading With The ‘Wright’ Purpose

Purposeful Leadership Academy is the foundation for all of the leadership development training programs we offer. It is a global model that addresses modern leaders and current economic conditions. It is the ultimate survival kit for leadership and management development in the workplace.

Leading In The 21st Century
Defines natural leadership traits and determines what is necessary to accentuate the natural behaviors of leadership styles to become global thinkers. This program helps to identify the leadership styles of all members in order to build high performing teams.

Leading To Influence Decisions
These ten guiding principles are introduced to effectively influence decision makers and ensure that their knowledge makes a difference. The vast diversity between today’s decision makers includes front-line managers to senior leaders, peers, and cross-organizational colleagues. These tools are helpful in converting good ideas into meaningful actions which allows participants to understand the mechanics behind achieving organizational bottom-line successes.

Leading With Passion And Purpose For Ultimate Performance
Explore how passion, purpose, and performance will be the essential dynamics for the 21st Century leader.

The Power Of Diversity
This module centers on the executive leader and provides venues to establish a culture that encourages, embraces and strategically implements innovation through diversity. During the program we highlight the importance of innovation and creativity from a foundation of individual empowerment. Participants learn the idea that innovation and creativity lead to greatness in all diverse leaders and eliminates the leader’s safety based reactions that stem from fearfulness and withdrawal.

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Change Management Academy

This program explores the purpose for strong positioning during economic recovery and how to respond to changing circumstances. This series focuses on resilience and stress management, time management, conflict resolution, and managing and leading change. Learn how to demonstrate effective leadership both internally and externally, while creating an environment and culture of focus and productivity.

Leading Change In Tough Economic Times
This program will provide the 10 recession-era tendencies that counter productivity for effective leadership.

Positioning Yourself For Change
Create change agents to unveil opportunity in challenging times for positive outcomes.

WRG offers specialized consulting services to companies undergoing change. We will partner with you through all phases of the change: creating organizational themes, designing internal/ external communication strategies, and comprehensive follow-up plans that ensure a seamless transition for all stakeholders.

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Strategic Management And High Impact Leadership Academy

Today’s global leaders need to be equipped for the challenges they face in a highly competitive, fast-paced environment. This program is designed with global leadership in mind and addresses the critical tools to achieve successful outcomes.

Leadership In The Multi Generational Workplace
Unveiling the diversities of Veterans (Silent), Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Generation Y (Millennial) in the workplace. Learn how to lead cross-generational teams to build high performance teams.

Leading Through Innovation
Become an innovator and learn the power of creativity in leadership thought process.

Leading Virtual And Remote Teams
Build cohesive, effective long-distance teams, and develop best practices for virtual team leaders.

The First 90 Days
Proven strategies for the first 90 days, which will position leaders for success through accountability benchmark plans.

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Results Driven Leadership Academy
Empowering The ‘Wright’ Leaders

Effective leadership demands the assurance that the basic fundamentals of leadership are introduced and incorporated in the culture of organizations. WRG’s Results Driven Leadership Academy addresses these basic essentials and provides the necessary knowledge and tools to guide leader advancement and drive team performance.

Fundamentals Of Supervisors And Managers
Great leadership skills for supervisors and managers to build dynamic teams by inspiring and influencing others to achieve business goals.

Managerial And Supervisory Training
Lead effectively by developing an empowered team through building sincere rapport, trust and respect factors.

Problem Solving And Decision Making
Learn tools that will help you make decisions that are smart, timely, and effective.

The Power Of Diversity
This essential aspect teaches the leader to lead from the heart and embrace differences. These tenets add value to team culture and yield positive impacts on productivity and performance.

Time Management
Control your destiny by learning to manage your work and life effectively. Set priorities to feel increased levels of accomplishment and fulfillment.

Coaching and Feedback
Use coaching and feedback as leadership tools to help develop others and maximize team performance.

Effective Communication
How well you communicate will influence how others perceive you. Learn skills to clearly and effectively communicate at all levels.

Leading Effective Meetings
Take charge, create enthusiasm, and raise energy levels to make the most of your meetings.

Managing Emotions In The Workplace
Learn practical techniques for managing emotions and achieving positive interactions.

Working Smart Through Smart Delegation
Learn how to accomplish more by delegating and influencing others to share your workload.

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World Class Customer Service Academy
The ‘Wright’ Relationship Is Everything

Deliver service beyond your customer’s normal expectations. This series is about creating memorable service experiences rather than simply fulfilling customer requests. We translate intangible concepts into actionable behaviors.

Customer Service Over The Phone
Learn techniques for providing excellent service to customers by phone.

Internal And External Customer Service
Explains parallel fundamentals of providing superior customer service to internal colleagues and external customers. Learn how to meet customer satisfaction goals.

Managing For Customer Excellence
The abilities required to be a successful service provider are different from the abilities needed to manage a team of service professionals. The basic premise is that you either serve the customer or you are serving someone who is.

Service Touch Points
Every service experience is comprised of several service touch points. We create a foundation for service excellence by promoting empowerment and ownership.

Turning Customer Service Into Sales
Deliver quality customer service for the ultimate sales experience.

What Customers Really Want Participants learn to address customers’ needs based on the four basic desires of a customer.

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Sales and Relationship Selling Academy

The development of a world class sales team is an essential part of consistent organizational revenue growth. WRG’s Sales and Relationship Selling Academy teaches the essential tools necessary to develop sales teams to meet and exceed the overall organizational sales and accountability goals.

Developing And Perfecting Closing Skills And Techniques
Develop methodologies that teach sales teams to move the sale forward to close. This interactive program utilizes role plays, CRM tools, and the accountability matrix.

Fundamental Selling – Techniques For The New Salesman
Learn the basic fundamentals of selling to the organization’s target markets. Enhanced focus on accurately recording sales activities, prospecting objectives, and pipeline development.

Methodologies Of Intuitive Sales
Develop methodologies that enhance the salesperson’s ability to uncover unidentified customers and customer product needs with a focus on enhanced listening skills to accurately record the sales process utilizing CRM or organizational tracking tools.

Principles Of Advanced Selling
Develop and enhance sales skills to attain high revenue goals by using advanced methodologies that focus on increased productivity.

Principles Of C-Level Selling
Develop the necessary skills to successfully market to C-Level executives of organization target markets.

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Servant Leadership Academy
Giving Back The ‘Wright’ Way

In today’s economic environment, it is essential that organizations have a strategic focus that maximizes their community exposure for branding opportunities within the markets that they serve. WRG uses a multi-faceted approach that meets philanthropic and foundation mission objectives.

The Essentials Of Servant Leadership
Ultimately allowing today’s leaders to discover and develop their passion by putting client focused leadership principles and practices to work at anytime and in anyplace.

Branding Your Name And Leaders In Communities
Linking your corporate foundation objectives and community initiatives with your client focused leaders.

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WRG’s Unique Coaching Approach

Executive and Team Coaching

The effectiveness of an executive leader is directly tied to the successful ability of leading, motivating, and being part of a team. WRG’s personalized coaching is uniquely tailored to allow the participant(s) to reach higher levels of leadership ability by creating impact, exercising influence, increasing visibility, and achieving significant successes.

WRG’s approach to executive and team coaching is deliberately designed to be parallel in outcomes. This ensures a high level of consistency as the entire team strives for one common goal. Whether in one-on-one or group settings, our front end assessment tools provide the necessary information to give individual attention to participants.

Executive and Team Coaching Outcomes

  • Give and receive feedback more effectively
  • Lead change in the organization
  • Build and maintain productive relationships
  • Develop others to be their best
  • Leverage diversity

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Additional Leadership Academy Services

Motivational Speaking Engagements

Train-The-Trainer Certifications

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