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Educational Initiatives
  • Student Leadership Academy Certification Program
  • Young Professional Leadership Academy Certification Program
  • Professional Development Training For Educators and Administrators
  • GPS For Success
  • Today, more than ever, organizations strive to align leadership talent with organizational business goals.  In today’s competitive marketplace, it is critical to enhance leadership skills with innovative approaches. The Wright Resource Group does this through practical, non-traditional “innovation based workshops”. Our clients turn to WRG as a trusted resource for professional development, and leverage our extensive experience to educate and empower dynamic leaders.  Our cutting edge approach gives us the competitive advantage that is essential for today’s leaders.

    WRG offers unique customization of leadership training programs to meet our client's specific needs

    These customizations include innovative, ‘out-of-the-classroom’ development strategies that engage all learning styles, focus on individual accountability, and create action plans that participants take beyond the classroom to use as guidance as they strive to achieve desired results.

    WRG collaborates with our clients to complete thorough, extensive assessments and detailed analyses in order to effectively customize solutions and execute programs. We provide extensive follow through sessions to ensure this transfer of knowledge and that our client’s meet their objectives.

    Our products are practical, yet distinct in nature of content, and span from essential business needs to complex leadership challenges that today’s leaders face in a global, ever-changing environment.  Our innovative approach incorporates subject matter that promotes both professional and personal leadership growth and development.