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About Us

The Experts of Leadership Development
We have successfully provided unprecedented leadership development programs to national clients in diverse industries.

Less than 12% of top
organizations believe they have successfully aligned their workforce to match the business performance goals of their company.

- International Association for HR Information Management 

WRG understands the importance of the direct association between leadership development and the organization's strategy and achievement of future goals.  The point of origin to maximize on achievement of overall business objectives requires a critical analysis of the proper alignment between leadership development initiatives and your company's specific leadership competencies and expectations.

WRG’s extensive expertise in Leadership Development

Research supports our “Touch Point” approach that proves to facilitate the transfer of knowledge which directly impacts sustainability, increases accountability, and defines measurable tools to monitor success for organizations. The unique customized design of our products and services is derived from an assessment process that involves an in-depth analysis of the client’s areas of concern and desired results.

  • Deliver World Class Purposeful Leadership Academy Programs
  • Conduct and Analyze Needs Driven Assessments
  • Incorporate Signature Action Plan Process

We empower dynamic leaders…for you

Every organization needs great leaders to seize a competitive edge as ‘trend setters’ in their industry and as Employers of Choice. Current and future leaders in any organization can benefit from redirecting their focuses on personal and professional development. The Wright Resource Group (WRG) helps organizations make this priority a tangible and realistic goal by introducing principles and practices for your leaders who ultimately have a positive impact with organizational stakeholders and in support of your mission, vision and goals.

WRG partners with courageous, passionate, diligent and success driven companies. We would like to partner with you to help build your talent pool of 21st Century Leaders.

Customized and Innovative
Holistic and Comprehensive
SAM Model
Tangible Approach
Research Proven Touch Point Approach